Swim & Water Polo Teams

Children ages 5 to 14 are eligible for the Metro Aquatic League, a swimming and water polo league hosted by the City of Albuquerque.

Participation includes practices on weekdays, swim meets on Saturdays, and water polo during the week.

It is a competitive league where fun is emphasized.

The following pools have a summer metro league team: Eisenhower (full for 2014), Los Altos (full for 2014), Montgomery, Rio Grande, Sierra Vista (full for 2014), Sunport, Valley, West Mesa, and Wilson.

The cost for metro league for the summer is $35. If you have multiple children the first child is $35 and each additional child will cost $25. This price includes daily practice and swim meets on Saturdays.

Please also sign and bring the Parent Code of Conduct when you sign your children up for swim team or water polo.

Albuquerque Area Swim and Water Polo Teams

Duke City Aquatics is a competitive aquatics team that operates out of two City of Albuquerque pools.

There are other club teams that swim at three of our City of Albuquerque pools.

There is also a year round club water polo team that practices at one of our pools.


Fun for all is the emphasis of the Metro Aquatic League. Read our league eligibility requirements.

Metro Aquatic League Archive

See results from past Metro Aquatic League events:

Note: The top 16 now does not reflect corrections submitted by judges decisions or corrections to entered times.