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Can You Answer the Call?

The Albuquerque Police Department is recruiting future 911 operators and dispatchers.

In their own words

“I’d like people to know that I remember them. That I meet them on their worst days. I meet them in panic and I hear their pain. Long after they forget the sound of my voice, I remember them.”

-Kristine B., Dispatcher

“I want the public to know we are human. We do care. Sometimes more than we should, and our heart breaks along with theirs.”

-Susan L., 911 Operator

“The best part of my job is knowing we are making a difference. Many outcomes on 911 calls are dependent on questions we ask and how well we communicate.”

-Cleova S., Shift Supervisor

“The best part about my job is knowing that you actually did help someone, whether it was saving their life, keeping them safe, or merely giving them the information they needed.”

-Tara J., 911 Operator

“When I first started this job, I didn’t know I was going to make this a career. But here I am 8 years later still loving what I do. It’s an amazing feeling being able to be a part of saving someone’s life.”

-Angelica C., Dispatcher

Video: A Day in the Life

What does a 911 Operator/Dispatcher Do?

911 Operators and Dispatchers are the first, first responders.

  • 911 Operators gather critical information and prioritize calls for service while keeping callers calm and safe.
  • Dispatchers manage calls for service while delegating these calls to officers and sending additional resources needed for the various situations they encounter.

Emergency Communications Center (ECC) staff work a variety of shift and schedules with overtime available to cover the needs of the ECC so every call is answered as soon as possible. The ECC is open 24/7/365 to serve the community which means ECC staff are here every minute of every day to help protect and serve the community we live in.

An ideal ECC employee is someone who can multitask, remain calm, think quickly and respond to critical situations. ECC staff members are the calm voice of assistance in a crisis and the ability to show compassion to a caller who is having what is likely their worst day is critical.

Stay Informed

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New hires start at a minimum hourly wage of $23.08 per hour for 911 Operator/Telecommunicator I and $24.24 per hour for Dispatcher/Telecommunicator II with a $2.00/hour increase once a State Telecommunicator Certification is obtained. A competitive benefits package is also available through the City of Albuquerque. Learn more. Learn more.

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