Renting Pools

Information about pool rental.

How To Rent A City Pool

To see what is available, complete rental agreements, or pay for your rental, visit

Pool rentals open 45 days prior to the requested date.

You can also call your local pool and ask to speak to the manager. They can tell you what dates are available, make arrangements for accessibility needs, explain the rules and guidelines for renting, and make your reservation.

 Rental Days:

West Mesa Aquatic Center Saturday and Sunday
Betsy Patterson Pool at Sandia High School Sundays Only
Valley Saturday and Sunday
Los Altos Sundays Only
Highland Not Available
All Outdoor Swimming Pools Saturday and Sunday

During non summer months please call the following indoor sites for outdoor pool rentals:

Highland 768-3940
East San Jose Wilson
Los Altos 768-4901
Sierra Vista West  
Sandia 275-6279
Eisenhower Montgomery
Valley 768-5349
Rio Grande Outdoor Sunport

Rental Fees

The rental fee for all pools other than the East San Jose, West Mesa Aquatic Center and Sierra Vista Pool is 75.00 per hour, with a 2-hour minimum.

Sierra Vista and West Mesa are 125.00/hour with a 2-hour minimum as well.

East San Jose is only 50.00/hour

This fee includes lifeguards.

Rental reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance. Please see below for details on renting the West Mesa Pool.

West Mesa Aquatic Center

Pool rentals are reserved in advance on a first-come first-serve basis.

Rental Blackout Dates

Reservations for birthday parties and private rentals open 45 days prior to the requested date. For reservations you can visit to see what is available, complete rental agreements, and pay for your rental. If you prefer to make your reservation in person, please visit the pool no more than 45 days prior to the reservation date with a deposit of $100.00. This deposit is nonrefundable and is applied to the total cost of the rental period.

Booking In Person: If 45 days prior falls on a weekday (Monday-Friday), the NORTH entrance will open at 5:30am. If 45 days prior falls on a weekend (Saturday-Sunday) the SOUTH entrance will open at 12:00pm (11:00am during the summer).

The fee for West Mesa Pool is $100 per hour, per pool (one indoor and one outdoor pool), with a 2-hour minimum. This fee includes lifeguards. The maximum amount of guests allowed for the indoor slide pool is 100 and the Maximum for the outdoor slide pool (summer only) is 150. The Olympic pool is not available for rentals.

The outdoor pool is only open during summer months. If your guest list is more than 100, you will be required to rent the outdoor pool. If your guest list is over 150, you will be required to rent both pools.

Birthday Parties at West Mesa Aquatic Center

Party reservations are made on a first come first served basis. There is a 10-child paid minimum and an 18-child maximum. From fall to spring, parties can have more than 18 guests, but it must be approved by West Mesa Aquatic Center management. One party per family per day, please.

Make your reservation by calling West Mesa at (505) 836-8718, extension 0.

Birthday parties are scheduled for public recreation hours only. During summer hours, party guest reservations are included in capacity limits. Parties not reserved in advance are not accepted.

The price of admission for birthday parties are $1.50 per person. Please inform your guests to give the cashier your last name when they arrive so that they are not charged. If you are not paying for the other guests, they must still give us your name in order to receive the discounted admission price.

Birthday Party Rules

  • Persons using the slide must be able to swim.
  • Children are not allowed to sit on a swimmers lap to go down the slide.
  • No one is allowed to catch or wait for a non-swimmer in the tank.
  • Children 8 years and younger or wearing a floatation device must be supervised by an adult in the water within arm's length reach.
  • Children 10 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult or parent who remains in the facility.
  • Only suits with smooth backs/bottoms/sides are allowed on the slide. Suits with zippers, buttons, pockets, snaps, rivets, eyelets, or buckles are not allowed on the slide.

Please be aware that your party may be canceled or cut short without warning if the pool closes for weather or health reasons.

Both indoor and outdoor pools close for lightning.

Health and weather issue closures are out of our control.