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Parks and Recreation

Mission Statement

  • Protect, plan, enhance, and maintain a Parks, Major Public Open Space, and Trails System that gives Albuquerque its sense of place.
  • Promote economic development and tourism by continuing to provide quality, affordable facilities and programs (e.g. Golf, Recreation, Swimming Pools, Parks, Open Space, Balloon Fiesta Park, Shooting Range, and Sporting Events).
  • Assure quality educational programs for youth to encourage positive behavior towards a conservation ethic and therefore combat "Nature Deficit Disorder."
  • Provide quality recreation programs to encourage healthy, active lifestyles for all ages.
  • Encourage and develop a healthy and safe work environment, ethical management practices, and a spirit of teamwork for all Parks and Recreation employees.
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Parks & Recreation Department Goals

  • Promote and Market Albuquerque’s Recreation Programs, Parks, Golf Courses, and Open Space
  • Develop New Strategies to Improve Albuquerque’s Leisure, Recreation, and Sports Facilities and Programs
  • Conserve and Sustain Albuquerque’s Natural and Cultural Resources for Future Generations
  • Meet Youth Entertainment and Sports Needs and Expectations
  • Maintain Harmony with Community and Neighborhood Associations
  • Ensure Every Visitor has a Quality Experience
  • Involve and Empower Community Groups
  • Increase Customer Confidence
  • Respond to Customer Needs Every Day of the Week