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Area Commands

The Albuquerque Police Department divides the city into six geographical areas called area commands.

Each area command is managed by a commander and staffed with between 82 and 119 officers, depending on size of the area command and level of calls for service.

All officers are dispatched through the Police Communications operators by calling 505-242-COPS for non-emergency calls or 911 in an emergency.

Police Substations

Police department employees are assigned to the substation to answer telephones and provide general information to walk-in visitors.

The following services are available at all substations from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday:

  • File a report
  • Request a copy of a report
  • Report abandoned or disabled vehicles
  • Comment on our service
  • Contact us with any of your non-emergency needs

In addition, depending on the type of report you need, you may also be able to make the report over the telephone by calling 505-242-COPS.

More Information

View more information about specific area commands: