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Albuquerque Community Connect Camera Registry and Integration

Register or connect your surveillance camera.

Become an Albuquerque Community Connect partner and provide law enforcement with footage that makes it easier and more efficient to make arrests. Detectives will use your evidence to identify and connect criminals to one another and to crimes. Community Connect is a partnership between the community, the City of Albuquerque and the Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Office, the Albuquerque Police Department, the Real Time Crime Center, and the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department.

Partnering with Albuquerque Community Connect is completely free and completely voluntary.

There are two ways to participate:

  1. Map Registry: Add the location of your camera(s) to the registry map. If there is ever a crime reported in your area, law enforcement will request footage. The registry map is the recommended option for residences.
  2. Real-time Integration: Integrate your camera(s) with the Real Time Crime Center to provide detectives with real-time video of crime. Real-time integration is the recommended option for businesses.

View more details on how to partner below. We look forward to working with you to create a safer Albuquerque.

Community Connect Map Registry

Add Your Camera to the Map

The registry map shows law enforcement all of the registered private cameras where law enforcement may request video footage from the community. By providing your contact information and the location of your surveillance cameras to the registry, detectives will be able contact you if there is ever a crime reported in your area. You will be able to send footage using a secure link to quickly provide detectives with valuable information. There is no direct connection to the RTCC and your footage remains private unless you decide to share it with investigators. The registry map is the recommended option for residences.

Community Connect Real-time Integration

Email Us to Link Your Camera to the RTCC

Integrating your camera connections with the RTCC saves crucial time and offers virtual patrols, providing faster and more accurate responses in your area. Without integrating your video surveillance system, investigators need to spend time requesting footage. When crime happens near you, quickly and easily get your video straight to detectives and help solve crimes in your neighborhood. Real-time integration is the recommended option for businesses.

Partner Requirements for Real-time Integration with the RTCC


Camera systems must be compatible with the Real Time Crime Center system. Your current camera system may be used if it is compatible. Also, simply updating your network video recorder (NVR) with a compatible unit will allow integration. Installing Stratocast brand, cloud-based cameras that are compatible will allow you to participate without making changes to your existing system. Community Connect will provide support on installation requirements and check for and acquire compatible equipment.

  • Businesses with an existing Genetec brand system can partner with Community Connect with no additional equipment needed.
  • Businesses with an existing IP camera system can partner with Community Connect by replacing the NVR with a Genetec device. Email us for more information on compatible systems.
  • Businesses without a surveillance system, or would rather supplement with a compatible system, can partner with Community Connect by installing Stratocast brand, cloud-based pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) cameras.

High-speed Internet:

Real-time integration requires a high-speed internet connection at the location of the camera.

SCAN Update

Albuquerque Community Connect Camera Registry has replaced the SCAN network. Current SCAN participants are invited to partner with Albuquerque Community Connect Camera Registry, providing convenience and saving time by no longer needing to meet with a police officer or detective to provide footage.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected].