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Officer Wellness

Information about wellness resources for APD officers.

The Albuquerque Police Officer Wellness Program is designed to connect officers and their families with resources for mental, emotional and physical health to promote a long healthy life and preparedness to serve the citizens of Albuquerque.

A jpg of the APD Officer Wellness banner, featuring the APD badge logo, a cardiogram line, and the text "Officer Wellness Program".

A jpg of the button for the Support Services section featuring a crime scene taped off with a police SUV in the background and a group of people talking to an officer in the midground.  A jpg of the APD Officer Wellness button for the Physical Fitness section, featuring a photo of an officer running on a treadmill in a gym.

A jpg of a button for the Better Health section, featuring an icon of a running green apple.  A jpg of the button for the Wellness Resources section, featuring a parked police car with APD officers conversing in front of it, taken at night.