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Metro 15

Information about the Metro 15 Operation.

The Metro 15 is a working list of 15 offenders who are considered to be drivers of crime in Albuquerque. The first list was created in November 2019. As offenders are arrested, new offenders and fugitives are identified based on their criminal history and the potential for successful prosecution. APD’s Shield Unit prepares discovery for prosecutors to use in court and work to keep offenders in jail.

The Metro 15 Operation is a targeted component of Mayor Keller’s proactive effort to attack violent crime from all sides.

Metro 15 Arrest

Metro 15 offender Andrew Pino was arrested by APD and booked into MCD for his Aggravated Battery Warrant.

Metro 15 Offender Arrested

Albuquerque Police Department detectives arrested metro 15 offender for a felony warrant probation violation armed robbery with a deadly weapon.