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Restaurant Inspection Results

Information about restaurant inspections and inspection results.

Albuquerque Restaurants & Food Inspection

What is a Restaurant Inspection?

Routine inspections at food establishments are a "snapshot" of food safety operations on the particular day they are done. Critical and non-critical violations are recorded on an inspection form. Critical violations are factors that have been identified as items that could potentially cause a food borne illness. Most critical violations are typically corrected on the spot. However, some critical violations require additional time for compliance.

What is the difference between a Red and a Green Sticker?

All food service establishments must display the current grade sticker in a visible location. You will typically see the grade on the front door at eye level or lower. Some food service establishments with drive-thrus display the grade on their outside menu board as well.

If you see a green approved sticker, it means that a food service establishment received a passing grade at their last inspection from the food safety specialists. It means they have demonstrated skills and knowledge that create a safe and sanitary food service environment.

If you see a red unsatisfactory sticker, it means that the food service establishment has been downgraded for non-compliance with the Food Sanitation Ordinance.

Food service establishments can still operate with a red sticker; however, downgraded food service establishments have five (5) days to contact us for a re-inspection before we suspend their operating permit. Most food service establishments correct the critical violations and contact us within 24 hours. If a food service establishment is downgraded more than 3 times in a three-year period, their permit is immediately suspended.

How often are Restaurants Inspected?

All food permits are inspected at least two times per year.

What Food Code does the City of Albuquerque follow?

The City of Albuquerque follows the 2009 Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Food Code and the City’s Food Sanitation Ordinance. 

To obtain assistance, please call 505-768-2643