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Information for New Food Business Owners

Information for New Food Business Owners

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New owner of an existing food business

Environmental Health Permits are not transferable.  If you are the new owner of a restaurant that is currently in operation, you must obtain a new health permit.  The restaurant may remain in operation during the change of ownership.  Contact the Environmental Health Department to schedule a pre-opening inspection (505) 768-2716.

Remodeling or building a food business

When a restaurant or other food business is remodeled or built from the ground up, the Environmental Health Department will conduct two different inspections prior to opening the business.  When construction is completed the contractor calls for a final construction inspection.  This inspection is required before a Certificate of Occupancy is issued by the Building & Safety Division.  The Environmental Health Department will also conduct a pre-opening inspection to issue your business a permit to operate.  Take a look at the construction brochure to find more information on submitting plans.

Opening a new restaurant in an existing restaurant space

If you are leasing a space that was operated as a restaurant in its most recent use and are doing simple décor changes or changing out equipment for similar equipment you are not required to submit plans.  Examples include a fresh coat of paint or replacing an old reach in cooler with a new model.  Call the Environmental Health Department @ (505) 768-2716 to schedule a pre-opening inspection.

Required Documents for pre-opening inspections

The inspector will need a copy of your NM Tax ID registration form in order to complete the health permit application.  This form is issued by the State of New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Office. Your inspector must have a copy of this form.  Providing the CRS number is not sufficient.  Please review the form before you call to schedule an inspection.  The facility address must match the address of your business.