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Food Establishments

Albuquerque Environmental Health Department Construction Services reviews plan submittals for compliance with Chapter 9, Article 6 and Chapter 10, Article 3 of the City of Albuquerque Revised Ordinances.

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Design & Construction of Food Establishments

These references cover food and swimming pool related projects, respectively. All plans or blueprints must be submitted for review and approval to the Building Safety Division of the Planning Department. A complete description of the "One Stop Shop" process and procedure is available on-line at the Planning Department section of this website.

Design/Construction Info

Construction Service Guideline (7mb)

Plans/blueprints are submitted to the Plan Check Office at 600 2nd Street NW, Albuquerque, NM. The submittal will then be routed to the appropriate agencies for review. Several factors may effect the length of the review process and thereby the length of time necessary to obtain a building permit. In general, a properly prepared set of drawings may complete the review process in 7-10 business days.

When designing food service establishments, keep in mind the following basic priorities:

  • Ensure that all structural and operational requirements of the appropriate ordinance will be met. Copies of applicable ordinances are available at City Treasury, (505) 924-3375.
  • Ensure that foods from the premises will not be contaminated or adulterated by rodents, insects, or filth.
  • Ensure that the arrangement of the facilities and equipment will minimize potential food contamination by employees and patrons, at the same time maximizing ease of operation and usage of equipment.
  • Ensure easy, effective and efficient cleaning and maintenance of food services equipment.
  • Ensure effective and efficient cleaning and maintenance of the facility and surrounding premises.

Plan Approval Process

Two key elements to a successful and profitable food service operation are the proper design of the facility, and serving the public good, clean, wholesome, disease-free food. A booklet is available to help in the accomplishment of these goals. Please remember that ALL forms of blueprints must get prior approval from the following City agencies before you begin construction. For your convenience, blueprints/plans can be submitted to the Plan Check Office, "One Stop Shop" at 600 2nd St. NW. The blueprints/plans will then be routed and reviewed by the appropriate City of Albuquerque agencies:

Environmental Health Department
Plan Review Section
2nd & Roma NW
(505) 768-2653

Fire Department
Inspection Division
2nd & Roma NW
(505) 924-3612

Planning Department
Building and Inspection
2nd & Roma NW
(505) 924-3368

2nd & Roma NW
(505) 924-3365

Electrical Inspection
2nd & Roma NW
(505) 924-3313

Zoning Division
2nd & Roma NW
(505) 924-3840

Restaurant Permitting

  • After all construction inspections are completed and approved, a certificate of occupancy may be issued.
  • A pre-opening inspection (Operational Inspection and permit application by Environmental Health Dept.) must be conducted prior to opening the food business.
  • Health Permits are not valid until a certificate of occupancy has been issued and all fees have been paid.