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Public Records Obtained Online or In-person

Find public records online or in-person at the City of Albuquerque.

Online Records

Budget & Finance

Current City Budget, Department of Finance & Administrations
Purchasing Solicitations - Current, Department of Finance & Administration
Salaries for City Employees, ABQ View
Claims Paid - Annual, Risk Management


Building Permit Search, Planning Department
Building Application Search, Planning Department
Building Inspection Reports, Planning Department
Building Notice of Violation, Planning Department
Fire Inspection Report of Buildings & Premises, Fire Marshal's Office
Storage Tank Inspection Report, Fire Marshal's Office

Business Registrations

Business Registration Search, Planning Department

Candidates & Elections

Campaign Financing Reports, City Clerk

City Codes

Codes of Ordinances, Resolutions, Administrative Instructions, & Charter, City of Albuquerque

Construction Projects

Ongoing Construction Projects


Proposed and Enacted Legislation, ABQ City Council

Meeting Minutes & Agendas

All City Boards & Commissions
Community Policing Council
Albuquerque Arts Board - Full Text Search
Board of Ethics Complaints - Full Text Search

Public Safety

Annual Reports, Albuquerque Police Department
Monthly Reports, Albuquerque Police Department
Strategic Reports, Albuquerque Police Department
Traffic Accident (Crash) Reports - Purchase, Albuquerque Police Department

Memos & Reports Inspector General Reports

Investigations & Inspections Reports, Inspector General
Albuquerque Progress Report, City of Albuquerque
Internal Audit Reports, Office of Internal Audit

In-person Records

Building Records

Planning Records, Plaza del Sol, 200 Roma NW, Basement Level, 87102, 505-924-3860

Building Information, Not Documents

To request information, but not a copy of any documents, please contact the division for which your request is related:

Building Safety Division Construction permit information, inspection information, building/plumbing/electrical/mechanical code information, 505-924-3320

Code Enforcement Division Violation information, Zoning Code information, Housing Code information, Weed Removal information, Safe City Strike Force Information, lien payoff information, 505-924-3450

Development Review Services Division Development process information, DRB information, engineering information, 505-924-3860

Urban Design & Development Division Current and long range planning information, boards and commissions information, 505-924-3860

Police Reports

Available in-person or over the phone by reporter of incident at any APD Substation or at APD Main, 400 Roma NW 87102, 505-768-2020

Non-City of Albuquerque Records

Voter Registration

Voter registration is maintained by the Bernalillo County Clerk, 505-468-1290

Marriage License

Marriage licenses are maintained by the Bernalillo County Clerk, 505-468-1290

Birth or Death Certificate

Birth and death certificates are maintained by the NM Department of Health Vital Statistics Division, 505-827-0121 or 1-866-534-0051

Criminal Records & Warrant Information

Criminal Records and Warrant Information are maintained by the Albuquerque Metro Court, 505-841-8151

Driver's Licenses

Driver's Licenses maintained by the MVD of New Mexico, 888-683-4636

Divorce Decree?

Divorce Decrees filed in Bernalillo County are maintained by the Second District Court, 505-841-7451

Property Deeds & Liens

Deeds and liens are maintained by the Bernalillo County Assessors Office, 505-222-3700