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Building Safety Division

The Building Safety Division issues building and trade permits, and conducts inspections for residential and commercial new construction, additions and remodel work.  All permits are issued and inspections are completed according to the Uniform Administrative Code of the City of Albuquerque.

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Building Permits & Plan Review
Plaza Del Sol, Ground Floor
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8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday

Building Inspections, Electrical Inspections, Plumbing Inspections, Mechanical Inspections & Trade Permits
Plaza Del Sol, Lower Level, Ste 190
See Plaza Del Sol on a map
7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday

Division Manager, James Perez


Effective July 1, 2023 all permit applications and plan documents will be processed electronically. Paper plans will no longer be accepted. If you experience any issues, contact the Building Safety Division at 505-924-3320.

Notice: Coming late 2023 the Uniform Administrative Code (UAC) is being amended with the adoption of the 2021 New Mexico Commercial and Residential Building Code. More details will be available in the coming months

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We support you with electrical permits and inspections, plumbing permits and inspections, mechanical permits and inspections, building permits and inspections, public records, and code compliance questions. Learn more about the Planning Department.

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Building Safety Employee & Performance Information

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Permits: Types, Application, Status & Cancellation

A building permit is an official approval issued by the City of Albuquerque, that allows a homeowner or contractor to proceed with a new construction or property remodeling project. There is more than one type of permit and it is important to know what permit(s) are needed.

View information on:

  • Who needs to apply for a permit
  • What type of permit is needed
  • How to apply
  • Permit status
  • Canceling a permit

Building Permits

Project Plans: Submit for Review

Submit project plans to apply for a building permit and build in Albuquerque. The plan review process available to developers, contractors, architects, and homeowners.

View information on:

  • Documents needed for Site Plan/Plot Plan, Construction Drawing, and/or Supporting Documents
  • Submitting plans
  • Submitting documents with ePlan - a free electronic plan review process
  • Submitting documents with FasTrax - a fee-based, expedited plan review process

Submit Building Project Plans

Fees for Project Plan Review & Permits

Plan review fees are due at the time you submit your application and plans. Permit fees are due once you are notified the plan review has been completed and plans have been approved.

View information on:

  • Permit fee estimates
  • How to pay plan review and permit fees

Building Fee Estimator & Payment


Inspections are required during the construction process and after permits are issued. Inspections are required to ensure compliance with approved plans and ordinances. All work must be inspected during different stages of the construction process.

View information on:

  • When inspections are required
  • Requesting an inspection
  • On-site and virtual inspections
  • Residential, Commercial, Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical Inspections
  • Emergency inspections
  • Inspection record requests
  • Bi-Annual/Annual Inspections

Building Inspections

Building Safety Resources

Find resources to help you through the permitting process.

Building Resources

Building Codes

Find current City and State code information.

Current Building Codes

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Make public records requests.

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