Plan Review

The City of Albuquerque Plan Review section is responsible for ensuring code compliance of all construction drawings and documents.

What documents are required?

  • Site Plan/Plot Plan are required to include:
    • the location of the property
    • All existing buildings (including dimensions and distances to property lines)
    • All proposed additions or structures to the existing building (including dimensions and distances to property lines)
    • Identification of required setbacks
  • Proposed Construction Drawing:
    • Elevation Drawings
    • Floor Plan
    • Foundation Drawings
    • Framing Plans
    • Plans showing all Electrical, Plumbing & Mechanical installation
  • Supporting Documents. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    • Truss Details
    • Stucco Specifications
    • Beam Calculations
    • Unusual Building Material Specifications
    • Engineering Specifications for Metal/Steel Construction ( i.e. shipping containers)


How can drawings and documents be submitted?


To speed up the permit application process, the Planning Department has created the ePlan system.  City of Albuquerque EPlan Logo

ePlan is an electronic plan review process and is available to developers, contractors, architects,

homeowners, and anyone planning to apply for a building permit within Albuquerque.  Review

the information in the links below for additional information.

How to submit your ePlan

Building Application - for paper plan submittal only!

ePlan User's Manual

Login to ePlan system



FasTrax is Albuquerque's fee-based, expedited plan review process, available to

those seeking a building permit. 

Applicants can expect an average turnaround time of six days, using the FasTrax system.FasTrax Logo Image


Learn more about FasTrax