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Campaign Reporting

Information about Campaign Reporting.

Who Files Campaign Finance Reports?

  • Measure Finance Committees (MFC's), which either receives contributions or expends funds in an amount that equals or exceeds $250 in aid of or opposition to the qualification for the ballot or for voter approval or disapproval of one or more measures.
  • All candidates running for Mayor or City Council

MFC's and Candidates shall file with the Board of Ethics four statements, each of which shall be cumulative. City Charter - Articles 12 and Article 13 detail the requirements of Campaign Finance Reporting.

  • Prior to filing their initial reports, all campaigns and committees must send a representative to the Office of the City Clerk to receive the mandatory training on the reporting system. Ideally, the candidate should attend training, but the campaign treasurer as well as any person entering data into the program needs to attend training. Individuals who have previously been trained for past campaigns are not exempt from training.
  • Candidates seeking public financing or their representative must receive the training prior to filing their Declaration of Intent to Seek Public Financing. Privately financed candidates or their representative must receivetraining prior to the first campaign finance reporting deadline.

Standard Reports

View campaign finance reports for City of Albuquerque elections.

Campaign Finance Reports

Campaign Finance Reports Prior to 2015

Filings: Federal Election Commission

Filings from Albuquerque elected officials with the Federal Election Commission.

2018 FEC Filings

Pat Davis FEC Report - Quarter 1, 2018

2017 FEC Filings

2011 FEC Filings

Dan Lewis 2011 FEC Filing

2008 FEC Filings

Martin Chavez 2008 FEC Filing

2007 FEC Filings

Filings: New Mexico State

Brad Winter New Mexico State Filing - April 9, 2018

Campaign Reporting: Accuracy

Please note the following:

  • The accuracy and timeliness of this information remains the sole responsibility of the Candidate or the Chairperson of a Measure Finance Committee.
  • The Candidate or the Chairperson of a Measure Finance Committee may enter, edit or amend current or previous period's statements and bears the responsibility of finalizing (submitting) all statements. This is not considered public information until it is finalized (submitted).
  • Once the Candidate or the Chairperson of a Measure Finance Committee finalizes their data submission, the reports will include any amendments and/or late filings from previous General Statements, Quarterly Statements, and Runoff statements.