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Announcements for Candidates

Meeting of the Board of Ethics for Campaigns and Committees. October 29th in the City Council Chambers or via Zoom. Campaigns and MFC's will receive notice if they will be required to attend this meeting as noticed in the City Charter, Article XII, Section 4. All Campaigns and MFC's should be prepared to attend this meeting regarding campaign finance filings.

Declaration of Candidacy and Filing Day for Privately Financed Candidates in the Regular Local Election is August 24 and will be held in the NEW County Clerk facilities at 415 Silver Ave, 1st Floor, from the hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm. Please see the announcement flyer here.

For individuals interested in participating in the public financing program as a candidate in 2021, please note that due to Proposition 1, approved by voters in the November 5 Regular Local Election, the Declaration of Intent shall specify that the candidate has not, within one year prior to the declaration, raised or expended any monies in excess of the pre- and post- Exploratory Period contribution limits with the intent or effect of campaigning for elected office.

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