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2019 Publicly Financed Candidates

Information about publicly financed candidates.

Albuquerque City Charter Article XVI, the Open and Ethical Elections Code, establishes public financing for qualifying candidates.

2019 Publicly Financed City Council Candidates

The following candidates are Participating Candidates who have agreed to the terms and conditions of the Open and Ethical Elections Code:

District 2: 

  • Isaac Benton
  • Joseph R. Griego
  • Robert Raymond Blanquera Nelson
  • Zachary A. Quintero

District 4: 

  • Brook L. Bassan
  • Ane C. Romero
  • Hailey Josselyn Roy

District 6: 

  • Patrick M. Davis
  • Gina Naomi Dennis

District 8: 

  • S. Maurreen Skowran

Public Financing Information