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Information for Measure Finance Committees

Measure Finance Committees register with the City Clerk to support or oppose a candidate or ballot measure.

Measure Finance Committees

To register your Measure Finance Committee, contact the Office of the City Clerk.

What is a Measure Finance Committee?

A Measure Finance Committee is a political committee, person or group that supports or opposes a candidate or ballot measure within the City of Albuquerque.

Measure Finance Committees must register with the City Clerk, regardless of the group's registration as a PAC with another governmental entity. Measure Finance Committees must also file financial statements at the same times that candidates report.

When to Register

Measure Finance Committees need to register with the City Clerk within 5 days once they have raised or spent in excess of $250 towards their purpose.

Measure Finance Committee representatives should identify a chairperson and treasurer at the time of registration. The City Clerk's Office is happy to provide an online training in the campaign finance reporting site for committees. Please email: [email protected] to request this training. Treasurers are required to attend trainings and any other participants from the committee are welcome to attend.

To register as an MFC, committees will need to access the Campaign Finance Registration System and upload required forms. Information on accessing the campaign finance system can be found here: How to use the Campaign Finance System.

The forms an MFC will need to fill out and upload to the site can be found here:MFC Forms

Contributions & Expenditures

Measure Finance Committees are not bound by individual contribution limits and business bans like candidates. However, a Measure Finance Committee that supports or opposes a measure or candidate and receives aggregate contributions in excess of 30 percent of the Mayor's salary from one individual or group, must incorporate the donor's name into the name of the committee, Article XIII §4 (l).

For 2023 Measure Finance Committees, that threshold number is: $39,750.00.


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