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Board of Ethics

Information about the City of Albuquerque's Board of Ethics.

Board of Ethics Appointment & Nominations

The Board shall be made up of seven members, who shall be chosen as follows: The Council shall appoint three members and the Mayor shall appoint three members.

The six members so appointed shall select a seventh person to serve as Chairperson of the Board. The appointment of a Board member by one appointing authority shall not be approved or disapproved by the other two appointing authorities. Each member shall be a qualified elector of the city, and no member shall be an official or employee of the city or the spouse, parent or child of an official or city employee.

Apply to Serve on the Board of Ethics

There shall be a public comment period for any individual proposed for membership on the Board of Ethics and Campaign Practices by the Mayor, the Council and for the seventh member selected by the Board. The name and resume of any individual proposed for membership shall be posted on the city's website at least two weeks prior to the date when final action is taken to appoint that individual.

Any person shall be allowed to submit comments about the proposed member by written submission, electronically or otherwise, to the City Clerk. The members of the Board of Ethics and Campaign Practices shall receive at least six hours of training prior to acting in the capacity of a Board member.

The training shall be provided by the City Attorney and shall cover the ethical responsibility of Board members and the content of the Code of Ethics and the Election Code as those codes relate to the duties of the Board. The training requirement shall not apply to any current Board member, who shall continue to serve their unexpired term, or to any Board member reappointed at the end of a term.

Campaign Practices

The Board of Ethics works in conjunction with the Office of the City Clerk in elections oversight to ensure compliance with election related laws, including the Election Code and the Open and Ethical Elections Code.

The City of Albuquerque believes that citizens should have confidence in the integrity of their government, as well as independent, impartial, and responsible public officials.

The Board of Ethics aids in assuring that government decisions and policies are made in the best interest of the people, the community and our government.

Upcoming Board of Ethics Meetings

Board of Ethics Meetings are held remotely via zoom and can be viewed live on GovTV


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