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Privately Financed Candidates

Information about privately financed candidates.

All candidates, whether publicly or privately financed, must report all contributions and expenditures, pursuant to the Election Code.

Private-Financing Limits

Unlike publicly financed candidates, who may only spend the funds distributed by the City, privately financed candidates have no fundraising or spending limits.

There are, however, limits on individual contributions. Specifically, Article XIII, Section 4(e) limits the total contributions from any one person (with the exception of the candidate himself or herself) to 5 percent of the salary at the time of filing the Declaration of Candidacy.

Office Amount Limits

Individual amount limits for the 2019 election.

Office Amount
Council District 2 $1,500
Council District 4 $1,500
Council District 6 $1,500
Council District 8 $1,500