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  • Albuquerque Investor Information was among MuniNet's "Top Picks for the Outstanding Websites of 2003."
  • In 2011, Albuquerque Investor Information honored again by MuniNet.

Information included in this "Investor" section of the website, though a part of the City's website, is not intended to be the basis of, and should not be relied upon, in making an investment in City obligations.

As part of City of Albuquerque's continuous disclosure undertaking, the City has made certain information pertaining to the operations and financial condition of the City available in this section of the website.

Sources of Funding

Taxes and fees are the major sources of funding for city operations and payment of bonds for capital projects.

Property Tax

The City of Albuquerque has the authority to levy a tax on residential and commercial property. The property tax funds a limited amount of City Operations and the City's general obligations as well as credit support to city sales-tax revenue bonds. Property taxes are assessed and collected by Bernalillo County, who makes the distribution to the City.

Franchise Fees

The fee charged is levied on utilities to compensate the City for the use of its streets, right-of-way, airways, etc. and to provide the residents of Albuquerque various utility services. These fees are collected by the utilities, who make payment to the City. The City audits the utilities for compliance.

Lodger's Tax

Taxes on hotel room rental are used to promote tourism and support convention center operations. These taxes are collected by lodging establishments and paid to the City, who audits the establishments for compliance.

Gross Receipts Tax

Largest funding source for day-to-day operations of government activities as well as credit support to city sales-tax revenue bonds. These taxes are collected at the point of sale and paid to the state, who makes the distribution to the City.

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