Environmental Planning Commission

Formed in 1972, the Environmental Planning Commission (EPC) is an appointed, 9-member, volunteer citizen board with authority on many land use and planning issues.


  • Peter D. Nicholls, Chair, Council District 4
  • Karen L. Hudson, Vice Chair, Council District 8
  • Vacant, District 1
  • Moises A. Gonzalez, Council District 2
  • Victor Beserra, Council District 3
  • Derek Bohannan, Council District 5
  • Maia J. Mullen, Council District 6
  • James A. Peck, Council District 7
  • Bill W. McCoy III, Council District 9

The City Council delegated certain powers and authority to the EPC when it was created. The EPC has the power to amend the City's Official Zoning Map in response to zone change requests. It has the authority to decide on site development plan approval requests for SU-1 zoned and shopping center designated sites. The EPC, in its advisory role to the City Council, reviews and provides recommendations on annexation requests, certain zone change requests, proposed amendments to the Zoning Code and adoption of major amendments to Rank I, II and III Plans - including the Comprehensive Plan, area plans and sector plans. Appeals of EPC decisions are heard by the City Council.

EPC decisions are based on compliance with the Zoning Code, as well as compliance with applicable goals, policies and intents of City adopted Master Plans (Rank I, II and III Plans) such as the Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Comprehensive Plan. Zone change requests are evaluated for compliance with the City's policies and criteria for zone map amendments found in Resolution 270-1980. It is the burden of an applicant to show why a zone change is appropriate. Depending on the scope and nature of a request, other City plans, policies and ordinances may influence EPC decisions and recommendations.

Summary of EPC Process [82.0 KB]

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EPC Agendas, Actions and Staff Reports

The EPC conducts regularly scheduled hearings on the second Thursday of each month in the Plaza del Sol hearing room at 600 2nd Street NW in downtown Albuquerque. Hearings generally begin at 8:30 a.m. and conclude when adjourned by the EPC Chair.

The EPC regularly holds Study Sessions on the first Thursday of each month (generally beginning at 3 p.m.) to receive staff report packets for items on the all-day hearing on the following week. The EPC periodically conducts special hearings on the first Thursday of the month, and occasionally schedules meetings at other times. All hearings and meetings are announced in the Albuquerque Journal.

View EPC Agendas, Actions and Staff Reports

EPC 2015 Application and Hearing Schedule

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    For more information regarding the Rules, please contact Kym Dicome, Current Planning Section Manager, at (505) 924-3814.

    Comments to Dora Henry, Planning Department, Plaza del Sol, 600 Second Street NW, Albuquerque, NM 87103, (505) 924-3883.

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