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Pre-application Review

Pre-application Reviews are available weekly to help applicants identify and understand the allowable uses, development standards, and processes that pertain to their request.

What is a Pre-application Review

A Pre-application Review (PA) is an opportunity for prospective applicants to get answers from City staff in the Planning Department about applicable standards, regulations and processes that may be relevant to their development proposals.

These reviews are intended for informational purposes only; they are non-binding and do not constitute any type of approval and are not certificates of zoning.

Is a Pre-application Review Required?

A Pre-application meeting is required for some types of applications. (See Table 6-1-1 Column 6-4(C) in the Integrated Development Ordinance.) Pre-application review notes received from staff shall be included with an application to fulfill this requirement. A $50 fee will be charged as part of the future application when required.

Subdivision requests require a Pre-application meeting, which are conducted by the DFT (Development Facilitation Team) as a "sketch plat."

Scheduling a Pre-application Review

There are two types of pre-application reviews: 1. A sketch plat review, and 2. A general pre-application review (previously known as a PRT, Pre-Application Review Team).

  1. If your request is for a subdivision action and/or involves questions about infrastructure, utilities, hydrology, engineering specifications, and/or standards in the City’s Development Process Manual (DPM) related to sidewalks, transportation, etc., please request a Sketch Plat Review with DFT staff by clicking here: Request a Sketch Plat
  2. If your request does not fit within Sketch Plat parameters (see above), then please ask for a standard pre-application review; it will help determine applicable IDO regulations and processes pertaining to your request.


Please submit the following information via email to [email protected]:  

  1. PRT Application Form or Solictud PRT en español
  • Please fill this out.
  • You may include up to 5 questions you would like Staff to answer.

If you need to request a record of a prior approval, please make an IPRA request.

     2. Zone Atlas page with the property location indicated. The City's Zone Atlas is available online.

     3. Any information relevant to your questions, such as a conceptual site plan.

Note: A Pre-application review is not a full project review or intended to answer all due diligence questions, which often require hiring an agent to do extensive research.

Requests are processed in the order they are received.

  • Pre-application review requests will only be scheduled for complete applications.
  • Applications must be submitted by 12:00 PM on Wednesday each week. 6 pre-application reviews will be conducted per week on a first come first serve basis.
    • City staff will review each Pre-application Review application internally and send written comments answering relevant questions within 10-business days.
    • If additional information is needed upon review of city Pre-application Review Notes, the applicant may request a follow-up call or meeting. Contact information is provided with the notes.