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Sketch Plat

The Planning Department offers "sketch plats" as a pre-application meeting for subdivision requests.

The Planning Department offers "sketch plats" to review subdivision requests prior to application. During a sketch plat, the Development Facilitation Team (DFT) can give information and feedback about the feasibility of a specific request or any considerations that applicants should keep in mind as they prepare their applications. Applicants will receive written comments that they can discuss at a meeting with DFT staff should they (applicants) elect to have a meeting with DFT staff.

The Integrated Development Ordinance requires a pre-application meeting for major subdivisions. See Table 6-1-1 for "Subdivision of Land - Major."

Applying for a Sketch Plat

The sketch plat process involves submitting the following items to the Development Review Services application intake email at [email protected]:

*Are you stuck in a process? The Planning Department now has two Navigators to help point you in the right direction. You can reach our Navigators, Renee and Annette at [email protected].