Sketch Plat

The Planning Department offers "sketch plats" as a pre-application meeting for subdivision requests.

The Planning Department offers "sketch plats" to review subdivision requests prior to application. During a sketch plat, the Development Review Board can give information and feedback about the feasibility of a specific request or any considerations that applicants should keep in mind as they prepare their applications. Applicants will receive written comments that they discuss with the DRB at the meeting.

The Integrated Development Ordinance requires a pre-application meeting for major subdivisions. See Table 6-1-1 for "Subdivision of Land - Major."

Applying for a Sketch Plat

The sketch plat process involves submitting the following items to the Development Review Services front counter:

 Deadlines are weekly on Tuesdays at noon to be placed on the following Wednesday DRB agenda (with some exceptions on the calendar around holidays).