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EPC Agendas, Reports & Minutes

View recent and past Environmental Planning Commission agendas, staff reports, and meeting minutes.


Revised Requirement

The requirement recently added for Environmental Planning Commission applicants, updating the notification process, has been revised. Section 14-16-4-1(C)(6)(b) of the City's Comprehensive Zoning Code requires the "applicant to pay for the cost of certified mail notices" to the property owners within the area as well as within 100 feet of the area proposed to be changed (subject of the request).

In order to comply with this requirement, the applicant must mail the certified letters prior to the submittal and submit the certified mail receipts with the Environmental Planning Commission application package.

The City no longer offers the option where the applicant would pay the City to handle the certified mailing. In addition, a copy of the buffer map and list of property owners must be submitted with the application. Please note, that if the Environmental Planning Commission request is for more than a block, the applicant must submit a sample copy of the letter along with the list of the property owners who were notified by first class mail.

The City's Comprehensive Zoning Code defines a "block" as "an area no larger than 10 acres which is bounded by but not crossed by public streets."

Going Paperless

The Planning Department no longer has paper copies of Environmental Planning Commission staff reports or notices of decisions available. Instead, staff reports will be available online on this web page starting on the day of case distribution.

Notices of decisions will be available on this web page on the Friday following the Environmental Planning Commission hearing.

Paper copies of staff reports or notices of decisions may be purchased for 50 cents per page or $6.75 for a CD copy.


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Note: Revised Attachment 5 and Revised Attachment 6 above replace Attachment 5 and Attachment 6 in the Supplemental Staff Report for the April 24th hearing. Staff responses that have been added or revised include the phrase "(Revised 4/19/17)." The PDF of the spreadsheet is searchable and revisions can be located using that phrase.

Meeting for April 13, 2017

Meeting for April 10, 2017

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