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Metro Aquatic League Eligibility

We are an Aquatic Team, consisting of both Water Polo and Swimming combined. Note that playing Water Polo in a manner that makes you ineligible also removes your eligibility from Swimming, and vice versa. Not Eligible applies to the entire Aquatic Team, both Water Polo and Swimming, regardless. For further questions regarding eligibility, contact the League Director. Because of the emphasis on fun and continued learning of the competitive aquatic basics, there will be eligibility requirements. Those requirements are as follows:

  • Any individual who has practiced with a United States Swimming Team after March 31, 2015 is not eligible.
  • A participant must be able to cross the length of the pool without stopping or assistance. This is a huge safety factor during practices and meets.
  • Any individual who participates in the Sundance Aquatic League is not eligible.
  • Any swimmer who has met New Mexico Swimming State qualifying times is not eligible.
  • Any Water Polo Player who has played for NMWP or any USWP team after March 31, 2015 is not eligible.
  • Any participant that has swam or played water polo for a High School is not eligible.
  • Any participant in High School is not eligible.
  • Any participant who is currently employed by the City of Albuquerque Aquatics Section in any capacity is not eligible.
  • Any participant who is 15 years old or older by the Metro League Water Polo Championship Tournament or City Swim meet is not eligible.
  • A swimmer’s age as of June 1st will determine the age group in which that swimmer will compete.
  • Violations of these rules will result in stiff penalties such as forfeiture of water polo games or disqualification from all Metro Aquatic League Swimming activities. Please take the time to insure that your information is correct. By doing so, you are insuring that everyone will have a fair environment in which to compete.

These criteria were formed over several years, with input from at least 6 USS certified coaches, 2 USWP coaches, and several City of Albuquerque League Directors. They are designed to maximize our participation, while retaining our goals of being an entry level program, and being fair for everyone. We want children who are capable of participating at the higher level of USS or USWP to remain there and learn. While they may enjoy being the "star" of a Metro League team, in reality, this can hurt their confidence when they compete at a higher level, and can teach them bad habits that take their coaches many months to break, and can frustrate and confuse the participant.

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