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Urban Design & Development FAQs

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions for the Urban Design and Development Division.

What process do I follow for a zone change, site plan, conditional use, etc?

  • Table 6-1-1 in the Integrated Development Ordinance has information related to each of these processes.
    • For specific inquiries or explanations of the process, call the Planning Department front counter at 505-924-3895 or the Development Facilitator at 505-924-3860 and choose option 5. You can also email [email protected].
    • The Planning Department also offers weekly Pre-application Review Team consultations to help property owners understand the review/approval process and requirements. Call the Planning Department at 505-924-3860 to schedule an appointment.

 How do I apply for a special exception to the Integrated Development Ordinance?

What are the fees for the various boards and commissions?

To learn more about Planning Department fees, see our general fee schedule or call 505-924-3860 and choose option 5 or email [email protected] to speak with the City's Development Facilitation Team. 

Who can walk me through the City of Albuquerque's procedures for land development?

The Planning Department has a Development Facilitator dedicated to assisting residents/developers with land use and land development matters. To contact our Development Facilitator, call 505-924-3860 and choose option 5 or email [email protected]

Is there an official tree list that I can use to know what I can and can't plant? Or a list of trees that shows me what is recommended and follows City code?

Yes. The Planning Department has created and maintains the Official Albuquerque Tree List. You should use the list as a guide for your private property landscaping.

How do I get a copy of a specific document housed within the Urban Design & Development Division?

The Planning Department posts plans, ordinances, and studies related to land use and development on the Publications page. You can also request a copy of any document housed within the Urban Design and Development Division as a public records request. You may submit your request, including the exact address, necessary date range, and description for the type of document online at the City Clerk's Office.

What is the "Bike Locker Program" that's mentioned in the Bikeways &Trails Facility Plan?

The Bicycle Locker Program is intended to provide convenient locations for securely storing bicycles used for commuting to employment destinations, so that alternative modes of transportation can be locally supported and effectively promoted. Lockers are presently located close to various downtown government centers and adjacent to approximately 30 or more other public facilities and related private businesses scattered around the metropolitan Albuquerque area. This federally-funded program has existed for many years and is administered by the City’s Bicycle Coordinator within the Department of Municipal Development.  Learn more about the Bike Locker Program as it relates to the Bikeways & Trails Facility Plan.

What happened to Sector Development Plans?

  • The City adopted Sector Development Plans for small geographic areas from the 1970s through 2013. In 2015, the City kicked off ABC-Z to move the content of these standalone plans into two citywide documents that could be kept up to date on a regular cycle. Policies from these plans were incorporated in a 2017 update to the ABC Comprehensive Plan, which will be updated every 5 years.