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Business Registration FAQs

Learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions for the Business Registration Section of the Planning Department.

Who needs to register their business?

All persons proposing to engage in business for the purpose of profit within the municipal limits of the city of Albuquerque shall apply for and pay a Business Registration Fee for each outlet, branch, location, or place of Business within the municipal limits of the city prior to engaging in business. 13-1-5

How much is it to register/renew my business with the City of Albuquerque?

The cost for initial registration for a business or renewal of business registration is $35. If you are registering a commercial location there is an additional FIRE & LIFE SAFETY fee that will also be applied depending on your square footage.

Fire Marshal Fee Schedule

  • Up to 1,500 sq./ft $35
  • 1,501 sq./ft-6,000 sq./ft $100
  • 6,001 sq./ft-12,000 sq./ft $250
  • 12,001 sq./ft or greater $400

How can I register my business with the City of Albuquerque?

All registrations per the City of Albuquerque Mayor have to be done online at If you need assistance completing the registration online you can walk into our office and we will gladly help with the completion of your registration.

Who needs a New Mexico Tax Identification Number?

Any person filing for issuance or renewal of any business registration needs to include in the application his current Taxpayer Identification Number. 13-1-8 (Current-referring to the business name, location, and mailing address is correct & showing on the New Mexico Tax Identification Registration Certificate)

How do I complete a business registration, renewal, or other updates?

The Business Registration Section of the Planning Department has an online system that is used to complete all tasks related to your business registration. It allows for convenient access from any computer or mobile device. You may access the online business registration system here.

Why is a new registration required when there is an address change?

A new registration is required because the new address requires a new zoning verification, including home businesses.

Can I make changes to my business information during a renewal? (Ex. name change, business owner change, address location change, Sole-Prop to another entity)

No, a new business registration application will be required unless the only thing being updated is the mailing address. A renewal would mean you are renewing with the same information. When information is changed that would not be considered a renewal.

How do I officially close my business with your Business Registration Section?

  • To officially close your business in the Business Registration system for the City of Albuquerque, you must either call or email the Business Registration team with your New Mexico Tax Identification Number and Business Registration number along with the full business name and address. 
    • Email[email protected] (please allow 3 to 5 business days for a return email)
    • Phone: 505-924-3890 (please follow the automated system prompts and leave a voicemail)

How can I obtain a copy of my business registration?

You can obtain a downloadable PDF copy online under your online account. To retrieve please click on the most recent dated row for your business under the “MY ACTIVITIES” or “MY BUSINESSES” tab.

Should I upload my New Mexico Tax Identification Number Registration Certificate when I register or renew online?

Yes, please upload your New Mexico Tax Identification Number Registration Certificate from NM Tax & Revenue so we can review and ensure all your business information is entered properly into the system.

What should I bring if I come into your office?

Please bring your current New Mexico Tax Identification Number registration certificate from NM Tax & Revenue and an accessible way to access your email to activate your online account.

Will I be subject to the Fire Life & Safety fee if I have a rent a temporary office space? (Please note a virtual office is not acceptable)

  • Yes, if you want the office space to be listed as your business address on your business registration.
  • If you register your residential address and that is what is listed on your business registration, then you will not be subject to the Fire Life & Safety fee.

Can I use a P.O. Box for my business registration?

No, we do not allow the use of a P.O. Box for business registrations.

I am a non-profit organization, am I subject to the Fire Life & Safety fee?

  • Yes, although you may not be subject to a registration fee you are still subject to pay the Fire Life & safety fee per the Fire Marshal’s ordinance.
  • For Ordinance code reference information please go to § 13-3-1-1 PURPOSE. (

I have a mobile food establishment; do I require a Commissary Kitchen and what are the fees associated with registering?

Yes, all mobile food trucks, mobile food vendors, or commissary usage requires a sanitary kitchen to store your food, and the fees will include a $35 Registration fee plus a $35 Fire & Life Safety fee.

Please note a residential address for mobile food establishments or commissary use will not be accepted and will be rejected; Or if the New Mexico Tax Identification Number registration certificate does not reflect the commissary address.

Who needs a Vendor/Solicitation permit?

Any person selling, offering for sale, selling and delivering, bartering, exchanging, peddling, or hawking any goods, wares, merchandise, property either real or personal, tangible or intangible, or services, or the making of or personal appointments, attempting to procure or procuring of interviews, or arranging for demonstrations or explanations preliminary to selling, offering for sale, selling and delivering, bartering, exchanging, peddling or hawking of any of the same at public sidewalks, sidewalks in commercially zoned areas, or soliciting at private residences. § 13-3-1-2

Do I need an email address to register my business or renew my business registration?

Yes. To create an account in the new online business registration system, you will need a valid email address. If you do not have a valid email address, you may sign up for a free email address at many websites including GoogleYahoo!, and Outlook, just to name a few. You may select the email address and email host of your choice, you simply need a valid email address to register with our system.

Can I go into the Planning Department office to complete my business registration or must I do it online?

Yes. You can complete your business registration from any computer or mobile device at home or at your business. Or, if you prefer, you can visit the Planning Department at 600 2nd St. NW in Downtown Albuquerque to use one of our computer consoles to complete your online business registration, renewal, closure, or update.

Can I download the paper application and bring it to your office to complete?

No. Paper applications are no longer available or in use for business registrations, renewals, closures, or other updates. You must utilize the online system.

I don't have access to a computer. Can I visit the Planning Department to use a computer to complete my business registration?

Yes. The Planning Department's Business Registration Section has computer consoles available that you can use to complete your business registration, renewal, closure, or other updates. Our offices are located at 600 2nd St NW in Downtown Albuquerque. The Business Registration Section is located at our One-Stop-Shop counter on the ground floor, East side.

What number do I need to enter online when I’m working on completing my business registration?

  • For customers registering their business for the first time, the only number needed to use the online system for business registration is your business New Mexico Tax Identification Number. 
  • If you are renewing an existing/expiring registration, then you need two numbers. 
    • The first number is your existing Business Registration number which is shown on the renewal letter (It will be formatted to look similar to BR-12345-1234)
    • The second number you need is your secret code number which we provided to you in the renewal letter. The secret code number will expire if not used by the expiration of the existing registration. If the number expires, or if you never received your renewal letter, please contact the Planning Department Business Registration team to obtain a new secret code.

I forgot the email I used to originally log in and set up the online system for my business. What do I do? I want to change the email login used for the online system. How do I do that?

If you forgot or want to change the email address linked to your online system account for your business registration or renewal, please contact  [email protected]

I'm still having issues completing my business registration online. What should I do?

  • If you are experiencing issues completing your business registration, renewal, closure or update you may contact us via one of the following methods
    • Email[email protected] (please allow 3 to 5 business days for a return email)
    • Phone: 505-924-3890 (please allow 3 to 5 business days for a return call)
    • In Person: 600 2nd St NW, Ground Floor, East Side (Mon – Fri, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

My credit card payment failed online. What did I do wrong?

If your credit card payment fails, please check the address information you entered on the payment acceptance site matches the address where you receive your billing or account statements.  If the address does not match, your transaction will fail.

What can I do if the online page is giving me errors or it is not letting me click on any of the options?

Make sure you are using Microsoft Edge, it is the most compatible browser with our online system. Please refrain from using Safari (Apple/MAC users) or Google Chrome.

I am receiving errors when I am trying to pay or will not let me pay.

  • Email us at [email protected] with the job application # and we will check if the payment is posted to avoid double charges.
  • You can also come into the office to make your payment in person or you can go to and search pay a bill. Enter your job application # as the reference number to retrieve your invoice and make payment.

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