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Information Requests vs. Records Requests

FAQs to help you learn about the difference between an information request and a request for records within the Planning Department.

What is the difference between an information request and a request for records from the Planning Department?

  • An information request does not include copies of records - like documents, permits or photographs - and is exclusively for the purpose of obtaining answers to questions about a property, project or permit.
  • A request for records pertains to copies of documents, blueprints, drawings, permits, letters, notices, ect., held or retained by the Planning Department or one of its divisions.

How do I go about requesting a copy of a document that is housed within the Planning Department?

Requesting a copy of any document housed within the Planning Department or one of its divisions is considered a public records request. You may submit your request, including exact address, any necessary date range and description for the type of document you are requesting, online at the City Clerk's Office.

How do I go about requesting information from the Planning Department?

  • To request information, but not a copy of any documents, please contact the division for which your request is related:
    • Building Safety Division: Construction permit information, inspection information, building/plumbing/electrical/mechanical code information, etc. - 505-924-3320
    • Code Enforcement Division: Violation information, Zoning Code information, Housing Code information, Weed Removal information, Safe City Strike Force Information, lien payoff information, etc. - 505-924-3450
    • Development Review Services Division: Development process information, DRB information, engineering information, etc. - 505-924-3860
    • Urban Design & Development Division: Current and long range planning information, boards and commissions information, etc. - 505-924-3860

How do I search permits, applications and inspections for the Building Safety Division?

You may do a free online permit and application search from any computer or mobile device, 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week at our Building Safety Forms, Reports & Permit Search page. You may also find a full listing of all current applications and inspection reports via our Open Data site at:

How do I search current violations on specific properties?

  • You may find out if our Code Enforcement Division has any open violations on a specific property within the city limited by(be sure to include exact property address):

How do I request a lien payoff amount or pay off a lien on my property?

You may secure a lien payoff amount and make arrangements to pay a lien from our Code Enforcement Division by (be sure to include exact property address) emailing the Code Enforcement Division at [email protected].