Below find answers to the most frequently asked questions for our AGIS Division.

Can I get the Zone Atlas online?

Where do I obtain maps of Bernalillo County?

Can I view and download AGIS data online?

  • Yes, the City of Albuquerque has an interactive GIS site at

How can I obtain demographic, census or economic data?

  • The Planning Department's Publications and Records Office maintains some current and historical information. They can be reached at (505) 924-3662.

How do I determine if a property is in the city or county?

  • You will need the address or legal description for the property. Then, call the Planning Department's AGIS division at (505) 924-3816 or you may perform the search for free online by pulling an address report. Properties shown as "unincorporated" are part of the County.

Your GIS site displays my address incorrectly. Who can help me?

  • City addresses can be verified by the City Address Verification Clerk at (505) 924-3848.

Can I purchase city maps from AGIS?

  • Yes, you can purchase many standard product maps as listed on the AGIS site. Map pricing varies, but most are $10. Please also note that we are not able to mail maps. They must be picked up at the AGIS office located at 600 2nd Street NW, 4th Floor, Albuquerque, NM 87102.

How do I look up an address to find zoning and other information?