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Address Report & Advanced Map Viewer

There are two ways to get information about addresses in Albuquerque, the Address Report and the Advanced Map Viewer.

Address Report

The Address Report creates a printable report of information for addresses in Albuquerque, including:

  • Property ownership from the Bernalillo County Assessor,
  • City services,
  • Political boundaries, and
  • School districts.

Note that Integrated Development Ordinance (IDO) small area regulations are not available in the Address Report, but are available in the Advanced Map Viewer 2.0 and the IDO Zoning Map.

County Zoning is also not available in the Address Report.

Learn more about zoning in Bernalillo County.

Advanced Map Viewer

The Advanced Map Viewer offers dozens of layers to search and display, including:

  • Bernalillo County Assessor Parcels, Addresses, City zoning, land use
  • Planning, legislative, and other administrative boundaries
  • Public safety & public facility locations
  • Survey monuments, City construction, building permits

Address Query

To perform an Address Query from within the Advanced Map Viewer, go to the "I want to..." menu and pick "Address Query."

Read the Advanced Map Viewer User Guide.

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