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Advanced Map Viewer

Information about the Simple Viewer and Advanced Map Viewer.


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Simple Viewer - does not require Microsoft Silverlight or any plugin

The Simple Viewer contains all the same information as the Advanced Map Viewer, but it does not have the Address Query. To find information on a given location zoom to the area of interest, turn on the layers that contain the needed information, and tap or click on the location. Opens automatically in Desktop, Tablet, or Smart Phone version.

Use the Simple Viewer

ABQMaps Advanced Map Viewer

The Advanced Map Viewer allows users to view multiple layers of geographic information along with access to advanced tools and reporting. Map layers include ownership data from Bernalillo County (Bernalillo County Parcels).

Microsoft Silverlight Requirements

You must have Microsoft Silverlight installed to run the Advanced Map Viewer.

Google Chrome and Firefox (version 52) no longer support Silverlight. You must use an alternative browser. Firefox does offer an Extended Support Release version of the latest browser that will support plugins like Silverlight.

Download Microsoft Silverlight.

Advanced Map Viewer User Guide

The User Guide is a very quick introduction to the Advanced Map Viewer. Two minutes here will save you lots of frustration.

    View Frequently Asked Questions

    The FAQ answers many common questions, such as: