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Area & Sector Development Plans

These Area & Sector Development Plans are included in the ABC Comprehensive Plan as Appendix D for reference as historical documents.

These Area & Sector Development Plans were adopted between 1970 and 2015. Some were updated multiple times; some were never updated.

  • Policies from these plans were incorporated into the 2017 update of the ABC Comprehensive Plan, and the plans themselves became Appendix D.
  • Regulations from the Sector Development Plans were incorporated into the Integrated Development Ordinance in 2017.
    • See Table II for an alphabetical index of small area regulations carried over from Sector Development Plans.
  • These Rank II and Rank III Plans were rescinded as standalone documents in 2017 per Resolution 17-213 (R-17-213).
  • See the ABC-Z project webpage for more information.

Area Plans

Sector Development Plans