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Lifeguard Test Requirements

City of Albuquerque lifeguards must successfully complete all four sections of our skill test.

Lifeguarding and Swimming Jobs

Please see our Jobs Section for employment information with the City of Albuquerque Aquatics Division.

A four-skill test is required of all City of Albuquerque lifeguards

The test comprises:

  1. 200 yard swim in 4 minutes or less
  2. Spinal injury management skills:
    1. Deep water head chin support
    2. Shallow water head splint technique
  3. Approach stroke to locate brick, surface dive to retrieve brick, swim 10 yards under water, return to surface, return to start point with both hands on brick.
  4. Starting from stand, recognize passive victim, safely exit stand, safely enter water, approach victim, perform rear huggie resuce, take victim to wall, victim will lie on deck, rescuer must perform a successful CPR scenario.