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Building Safety & Permits FAQs

Below find answers to your Building Safety questions.

Do I need a permit for my project?

  • Building permits and inspections are required for commercial, public, private and residential new construction, additions and remodeling work.
  • As a general rule of thumb, the following common projects require a permit (this list is not all inclusive):
    • Installing an antenna
    • Putting in an elevator
    • Building a swimming Pool
    • Installing or raising walls, fences or retaining Walls
    • Relocation of existing buildings
    • Installing a patio covers or porch
    • Demolition
    • Installation of signs
    • Reworking your plumbing

How long does the permit process take?

  • Plan review typically takes approximately two and a half weeks for residential and three and a half weeks for commercial projects depending on the size and complexity.  The permit will be issued when approved by each division.

Is there a way to submit a plan or permit request online?

  • Yes, you can participate in the ePlan program which allows you to submit plans and applications online along with supporting documentation.

How much does a permit/plan review cost?

  • Permit fees are paid when plans have been approved by all required divisions. Fees are based on the square footage and valuation of the construction project.
  • Plan review fees are paid at the time of submittal. They are 65% of the permit fee plus zoning and hydrology fees.
  • You may also see a more detailed list of other fees here or a list of general planning department fees here.

What is FasTrax and how much does it cost?

  • FasTrax is an optional expedited plan review program that guarantees initial plan review completion by a specified date.
  • The fee for this expedited service is three times the cost for standard plan review excluding the zoning and hydrology fees.

Can I track the status of my plans and view comments online?

  • You may check the status of your plans or view comments online using the plan review number which starts with a "T." This may be done by clicking here.

What happens if I build without a permit?

  • Whenever any work is done without a permit, when one is required, a stop work order will be issued. A notification letter is then issued and the owner is given 30-45 days to comply. If compliance is not met a final notification letter will be sent giving the owner 10 days to comply. If compliance is still not met, a pre-criminal summons is issued and the owner is given 10 business days to comply before facing court action.

How can I find out if a certain address has a permit or certificate of occupancy?

  • If a building permit has been obtained, it should be posted so it is clearly visible from the front of the house or commercial project. If you do not see that, you may contact the Building Safety Division for further information.
    • Building Permits - (505) 924-3969
    • Electrical Permits - (505) 924-3311
    • Mechanical Permits - (505) 924-3310

I believe a contractor is building without a permit or not building to code. What should I do?

  • You may file a complaint with the Building Safety Division at (505) 924-3319. All information is confidential, just the address is required and a brief description of the work being done.

Which codes are being used by the City of Albuquerque?

Does the City have plans for my house on file?

  • Effective August 2012, the City began to scan residential home plans. If your home was built after Aug. 1, 2012 then we will have plan on file at the Planning Department. If it was built prior to Aug. 1, 2012, then we do not have copies of your  home plans.

I have an inspection question, who do I call?

  • To ask an inspection related question, you may call the Planning Department's Building Safety Division at (505) 924-3320.

I want to schedule an inspection, what do I do?

  • If you are homeowner working with a contractor, and would like to schedule an inspection, we ask that you work with your contractor to have them contact our office to get that scheduled. If the contractor has pulled the permit, they are required to schedule the inspection. Therefore, our offices typically work with the contractor to schedule inspections and not the property owner.
  • If you are a contractor who needs to schedule an inspection, please call the Planning Department's Building Safety Division at (505) 924-3320 to get that scheduled. In addition, contractors who utilize the online services system for their permitting and applications may submit an inspection request through that software.
  • If you are a homeowner who has pulled a homeowner's construction permit and you need to schedule an inspection, please call the Planning Department's Building Safety Division at (505) 924-3320 to get that scheduled.

How do I obtain a Contractor's License?