Current Planning Section

The Current Planning division is located on the third level of the Plaza del Sol building. It is responsible for planning functions traditionally referred to as "current planning."

The Division provides staffing to the Environmental Planning Commission (EPC) , the City's principal development review and planning board. The EPC has authority for review and approval of most zone changes and site development plans, and provides advice to the City Council on annexations and many other planning matters. Current Planning also provides staffing to the Landmarks and Urban Conservation Commission (LUCC) , the City's historic preservation board. The Board of Appeals, which hears appeals of the Zoning Hearing Examiner's decisions, is also staffed by division personnel. Board hearings are held in the Plaza del Sol Hearing Room.

Current Planning also coordinates and administers other functions relating to land development. The Division staffs the Development Process (DP) Steering Committee, which is responsible for all changes to the Development Process Manual (DPM). The DPM specifies the City's development procedures and standards. Development Review also maintains a file room (for public use) containing a wide range of development applications, including records and case files of special exceptions, subdivisions, certificates of appropriateness (historic preservation), annexations, zone changes and site development plans.

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