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Long Range Planning Section

Learn more about the Long Range Planning Section of the Urban Design & Development Division for the Planning Department.

What We Do

Long Range Planning is responsible for working with stakeholders in the community to assess how well existing policies, regulations, and City programs are working to meet their goals, maximize opportunities, and address concerns. Specifically, Long Range Planning develops assessments, policies, and program recommendations to guide the physical design and development of Albuquerque. In general, Long Range planners develop and implement coordinated planning for quality growth and development of the City. Doing so balances social, economic, and environmental goals. The historic past and the dynamic present provide the framework upon which the future can be built.

How We Serve You

Long Range planners are helping property owners understand changes to zoning with the adoption of the Integrated Development Ordinance. Many property owners will be eligible for a free zoning conversion until May 2019. Learn more on the ABC-Z project webpage here.

Beginning in June 2019, Long Range planners will begin designing the Community Planning Area (CPA) Assessment process with community stakeholders and analyzing baseline data to recommend the order of CPA assessments over the course of 4 years from 2020-2024. Learn more about CPA Assessments on the ABC-Z project webpage here.

Long Range Planning helps to analyze Council-sponsored changes to policies and regulations, including implementation tools such as the Development Process Manual (DPM) and Capital Improvements Program.

Long Range Planning is responsible for annual updates to the Integrated Development Ordinance and 5-year updates to the ABC Comprehensive Plan.

Long Range Planning involves thinking about the future and how best to improve quality of life for Albuquerque residents. Long Range Planning works with the community, staff from Council Services, other City Departments, and outside agencies, and other stakeholders to develop goals, priorities, policies, and regulations. Ongoing analysis serves to keep the City’s goals, policies, and regulations up to date with new development trends, community priorities, new technologies, economic development opportunities, and demographic/societal changes.

Ranked City Plans

The section assembles all the information gathered through contact with various groups and produces documents detailing their interests and desires. These policy Plans are “ranked” as follows:

  • Rank 1: The Comprehensive Plan is the Rank 1 plan. It is a citywide plan with broad goals and policies for all areas of the built and natural environment, coordinated with Bernalillo County.
  • Rank 2: Plans to coordinate citywide facilities are called Rank 2 Facility Plans. Facility plans address various types of citywide utilities or public facilities.
  • Rank 3: Rank 3 plans address individual City facilities or smaller geographic areas that have common characteristics and/or conditions. Resource management plans, Master Plans, and Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plans are all Rank 3 plans.

Lower-ranking plans should be consistent with higher ranking plans. In the event of conflict, the provisions of the higher-ranking plan governs.


Contact Us

For inquiries, please contact Mikaela Renz-Whitmore, Long Range Planning Manager: (505) 924-3932 or [email protected].