Landmarks & Urban Conservation Commission

Information about the Landmarks and Urban Conservation Commission.

The Landmarks and Urban Conservation Commission (LUCC) was formed in 1977, after the Landmarks and Urban Conservation Ordinance was adopted by the City Council (R.O. 1974, §14-12).


The purpose of the LUCC is:

  • preserve, protect, enhance, perpetuate, and promote the use of structures and areas of historical, cultural, architectural, engineering, archaeological, or geographic significance located in the city
  • strengthen the city's economic base by stimulating the tourist industry
  • enhance the identity of the city by protecting the city's heritage and prohibiting the unnecessary destruction or defacement of its cultural assets
  • conserve existing urban developments as viable economic and social entities

The LUCC is composed of seven members. Currently, the LUCC has two licensed real estate professionals, one cultural historian, two registered architects and one attorney. Two of the Commissioners own property in a historic zone.

    Current Commissioners are:

    • James Clark, Chair
    • Regina Chavez, VIce Chair
    • Lauren Austin
    • Robert Gerard Heiser
    • Amy Horowitz
    • J. Matt Myers. Esq.

    The duties and responsibilities of the LUCC are:

    • Conduct studies and programs designed to identify and evaluate structures and areas worthy of conservation, and to review the status of structures and zones already designated
    • Recommend to the Mayor and the City Council landmarks to be designated by the Council
    • Conduct public hearings on applications for historic or urban conservation overlay zone
    • Prepare and adopt specific development guideline for any designated landmark, historic zone or urban conservation overlay zone
    • Make decisions on applications for Certificates of Appropriateness for alteration, new construction or demolition
    • Disseminate information to the public concerning historic preservation and urban conservation and seek input form groups and individuals about these matters.
    • Consider methods for encouraging and achieving historic preservation and urban conservation and make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council
    • Advise the Mayor, Council, and the Environmental Planning Commission on any proposed public improvements which would impact the exterior appearance of landmarks or significant structures in historic zones or urban conservation overlay zones

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