Landmarks & Urban Conservation Commission

The Landmarks and Urban Conservation Commission (LUCC) was formed in 1977, after the Landmarks and Urban Conservation Ordinance was adopted by the City Council (R.O. 1974, §14-12).
  • Historic Tax Credit Programs

    Homeowners may benefit from the New Mexico 50% Rehabilitation Tax Credit. If a property is listed on the State Register of Cultural Properties or classified as a contributing property within an historic district listed on the State Register, the property owner may receive a State income tax credit for qualified rehabilitation work.

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  • Historic Preservation Assistance

    The City supports historic preservation to protect historic structures, districts, sites, objects and designed landscapes from deterioration or destruction. Such significant places help define Albuquerque’s identity and should be used, learned from, and appreciated by current and future generations of Albuquerqueans and visitors.

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  • Historic Preservation Resources

    Both free and for-sale publications are available from the Planning Department's publications desk at Plaza del Sol, 600 Second Street NW, Albuquerque NM 87102, 505-924-3861.

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  • Landmarks & Urban Conservation Commission

    Information about the Landmarks and Urban Conservation Commission.

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  • Demolitions

    To avoid the loss of historic structures, the Landmarks and Urban Conservation Ordinance carefully regulates proposed demolitions in historic zones.

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  • LUCC Agendas/Action Sheets/Archives

    Information on the LUCC agendas/action sheets/archives.

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