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Landmarks Commission

The Landmarks Commission provides guidance for development in historic districts and on sites and structures that have been designated as City landmarks.


The Landmarks Commission is composed of seven members. Currently, the Landmarks Commission has two licensed real estate professionals, one cultural historian, one registered architect, one designer and one attorney. Two of the Commissioners own property in a historic zone.

  • Mr. Damon J Maddox
  • Mr. Daniel Solares
  • Mr. Robert Bello
  • Mr. Joe C Mckinney
  • Mrs. Rosemary C Dudley
  • Ms. Lauren Austin
  • Mr. Matthew Myers

Boards and Commissions Hearings

All public meetings and hearings are postponed until after April 15 to assist in social distancing and minimize the rate of infection for the COVID-19 (coronavirus).

  • See City Closure Information
  • The City is closely monitoring the situation and will reschedule hearings as soon as it is responsible and feasible to do so.
  • Once new hearing dates are confirmed, applicants who have already been provided a sign to be posted to advertise the associated public hearing will need to get a new sign with the new date. In some cases, public notice may need to be re-sent, and the corresponding legal advertisement may need to be re-published.
  • Staff is still accepting applications. If a decision requires a public meeting or hearing, the meeting/hearing will not be scheduled for at least 30 days. Staff may limit the number of applications on the agenda so as not to overcrowd the hearing room. We appreciate your patience and flexibility in this unprecedented time.


The Landmarks Commission (LC) was formed in 1977 after the Landmarks and Urban Conservation Ordinance was adopted by the City Council. This Ordinance was incorporated into the Integrated Development Ordinance when it was adopted by City Council in 2017.

The duties of the Landmarks Commission include:

  • Conduct studies and programs designed to identify and evaluate structures and areas worthy of conservation
  • Review the status of structures and zones already designated
  • Recommend to the Mayor and the City Council landmarks to be designated by the Council
  • Conduct public hearings on applications for historic or urban conservation overlay zones
  • Prepare and adopt specific development guidelines for any designated landmark, historic zone or urban conservation overlay zone
  • Make decisions on applications for Certificates of Appropriateness for alteration, new construction or demolition
  • Disseminate information to the public concerning historic preservation and urban conservation
  • Seek input form groups and individuals concerning historic preservation and urban conservation
  • Advise the Mayor, Council, and the Environmental Planning Commission on any proposed public improvements that would impact the exterior appearance of landmarks or significant structures in historic protection overlay zones

General Meeting Information

The Landmarks Commission conducts regularly scheduled hearings on the second Wednesday of each month in the Plaza del Sol hearing room at 600 2nd NW in Downtown Albuquerque. Hearings begin promptly at 3 p.m.

Notice: Free 2-hour parking for Plaza del Sol customers is available on the north side of the building at 600 Second NW. This parking lot is monitored by Parking Services - vehicles in the lot for more than 2 hours are subject to fines and or/towing.


Coming Soon: The Planning Department’s Online Services System is expanding.

Soon, the Development Review Board, Environmental Planning Commission, Landmarks Commission, and Zoning Hearing Examiner will join other services currently available on the system. The new online system will allow you to fill out your application, submit required documents, track application progress and pay application fees from any computer or mobile device. Stay tuned for more details!


Staff Contact

For questions or more information, contact the Sr. Planner for historic preservation at (505) 924-3927.

Scheduled Meetings

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