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Mediterranean Conservatory

Rockroses, bottlebrush trees, olive trees, myrtles, snapdragons, oleanders and numerous mints and sages have a home here in the simulated coastal environment.


Construction Notice: From Oct. 6 through Nov. 21, the BioPark will be doing maintenance on the deck between the Desert and Mediterranean Conservatories. Both buildings will remain open, but watch for alternative entrances and routes to the northern gardens (Curandera garden, Camino de Colores,  Japanese Garden, Heritage Farm and Cottonwood Gallery).

The Mediterranean Conservatory shows off a variety of plants native to coastal areas with hot dry summers and mild rainy winters, such as the Mediterranean Sea coast, the California coast, southwestern Australia, South Africa and coastal Chile.

This conservatory is also the locale for several flower shows, including Bulbs in Bloom and the Orchid Show.



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