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Children's Fantasy Garden

The City of Albuquerque's Children's Fantasy Garden, located at the ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden, opened to the public on September 28, 2001.

Children's Fantasy Garden Banner, Botanic Garden

Starting with a fourteen-foot high topiary dragon that guards the castle gates, visitors get a larger-than-life perspective of plants, gardening, horticulture and people.

The garden entrance is a huge rabbit hole where six-foot earthworms burrow through the walls. There are nine-foot high potted plants; an eleven-foot tall watering can; giant soil particles that illustrate the drainage properties of sand and clay; a gargantuan "nurse" tree complete with bird nest and kid-sized eggs; a seedling forest with enormous acorns and pinecones; a walk-through pumpkin 42 feet in diameter and two stories high; and a vegetable garden with potatoes, onions and carrots that only Superman could lift.

And that's only a sample of the fun that's in store for Fantasy Garden visitors!