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Boards & Commissions

Information about City of Albuquerque Boards and Commissions.
Board, Commission, or Committee Department Contact Person, Email & Telephone Membership & Applications Meetings, Agendas, & Minutes
A Unified Library Advisory Board Cultural Services A Unified Library Advisory Board Membership A Unified Library Advisory Board information.
ABQ Volunteers Advisory Board CAO AVAB membership AVAB information
Accountability in Government Oversight Committee Office of Internal Audit AGOC membership AGOC information
Affordable Housing Committee Family & Community Services AHC membership AHC information
Airport Advisory Board Aviation AAB membership AAB information
Albuquerque-Bernalillo County Air Quality Control Board Environmental Health

A-BC AQCB membership

A-BC AQCB information

Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Census 2020 Complete Count Committee Office of Equity & Inclusion Census 2020 Complete Count membership Census 2020 Complete Count information
Albuquerque Development Commission Planning ADC membership ADC information
Albuquerque Energy Council (Albuquerque Conservation Council) Municipal Development AEC membership AEC information
Albuquerque Housing Authority Housing Authority AHA membership AHA information
Albuquerque Museum Board of Trustees Cultural Services AMBT membership AMBT information
Americans With Disabilities Act Advisory Council (Joint Advisory Commission on Persons with Disabilities) Legal: Human Rights ADAAC membership Americans with Disabilities Act Advisory Council information
Arts Board Cultural Services AB membership AB information
Balloon Fiesta Park Commission Parks & Recreation BFPC membership BFPC information
Balloon Museum Board Of Trustees (Anderson/Abruzzo International Museum Board of Trustees) Cultural Services BMBT membership BMBT information
Biological Park Board Cultural Services BPB membership BPB Information
Board of Ethics City Clerk BOE membership BOE information
Cable Franchise & Hearing Board Legal CFHB membership CFHB information
Central Avenue Business Advisory Board Transit CABAB membership More information coming.
Citizens' Independent Salary Commission Office of Internal Audit CISC membership CISC information
Commission on American Indian and Alaska Native Affairs Office of Equity & Inclusion CAIANA membership Commission on American Indian & Alaska Native Affairs information
Development Process Executive Committee Planning DPM Executive Committee membership DPM Executive Committee information
Development Review Board Planning DRB membership DRB information
Early Head Start Program Governance Advisory Committee Family & Community

EHSP membership

More information coming.
EMS Medical Control Board Fire EMCB membership EMCB information
EMS Providers Advisory Committee Fire EPAC membership EPAC information
Environmental Planning Commission Planning EPC membership EPC information
Fire Code Board of Appeals Fire Marshall Fire BOA membership More information coming.
Greater Albuquerque Bicycling Advisory Committee Municipal Development GABAC membership GABAC information
Greater Albuquerque Recreational Trails Committee Parks & Recreation GARTC membership GARTC information
Housing & Neighborhood Economic Development Committee Family & Community HNEDC membership HNEDC information
Human Rights Board Legal: Human Rights HRB membership HRB information
Impact Fee Committee Planning IFC membership More information coming.
Indicators Progress Commission Finance and Administrative Services IPC membership IPC information
Information Services Committee Technology & Innovation ISC membership ISC information
Labor-Management Relations Board City Clerk: Office of Administrative Hearings LMRB membership LMRB information
Landmarks and Urban Conservation Commission Planning LUCC membership LUCC information
Library Advisory Board Cultural Services LAB membership LAB information
Lodgers' Tax Advisory Board Economic Development LTAB membership LTAB information
Metropolitan Parks & Recreation Advisory Board Parks & Recreation MPRAB membership MPRAB information
Municipal Golf Advisory Board Parks & Recreation MGAB membership MGAB information
Old Town Portal Market Advisory Board Cultural Services OTPMAB membership OTPMAB information
Older American’s Act Advisory Council Family & Community Services OAAAC membership OAAAC information
One Albuquerque Homeless Advisory Council Family & Community Services HAC membership info coming soon HAC information
Open Space Advisory Board Parks & Recreation OSAB membership OSAB information
Paratransit Advisory Board (PTAB) Transit PTAB membership PTAB information
Personnel Board City Clerk: Office of Administrative Hearings PB membership PT information
Police Oversight Board CPOA

POB membership

POB information
Public Safety Tax Advisory Board Mayor's Office PSTAB membership PSTAB information
Senior Affairs Advisory Council Senior Affairs SAAC membership SAAC information
Small Business Regulatory Advisory Commission Economic Development SBRAC membership SBRAC information
Technical Standards Committee Planning TSC membership TSC information
Transit Advisory Board Transit TAB membership TAB information
Urban Enhancement Trust Fund Citizens Committee Cultural Services UETFCC membership

UETFCC information.

Veterans and Military Affairs Advisory Board Mayor's Office VMAAB membership VMAAB information
Water Protection Advisory Board Environmental Health WPAB membership WPAB information
Mayor's Youth Advisory Council Mayor's Office MYAC membership MYAC information
Zoning Hearing Examiner Planning ZHE membership ZHE information