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Zoom Resources

Zoom resources for Boards, Council and Commission Meetings

When hosting a virtual Board, Council or Commission meeting there are many things to consider. Compiled below are a few resources to get you started for your upcoming meetings.

First Steps

  • Prior to hosting your first meeting, seek legal guidance regarding the Open Meetings Act
  • Obtain a Zoom business license from the Department of Technology and Innovation
  • Think through the current process of your meeting and how you can incorporate technology
  • Practice the Zoom platform and hold a mock session
  • Create and post your agenda

Getting Started

There is more information in the video below, but some things to consider before jumping in:

  • Does the meeting require public comment?
  • Will there be a need for interpretation?
  • How will I capture the meeting minutes?
  • Review the Zoom Security FAQ

Need help? Have Questions?

Contact Ethan Watson, [email protected].

Zoom Tutorial

In the video below, you will see basic information on Zoom and best practices for having a virtual Board, Council or Commission meeting.