Integrated Development Ordinance

The Integrated Development Ordinance includes zoning and subdivision regulations to govern land use and development within the City of Albuquerque and establishes the City's system of planning.

IDO Effective Document - Downloadable PDF

The City Council amended the IDO for the 2021 Annual Update via bill O-22-10.

Applications submitted through December 24, 2022 will be reviewed against the regulations in the document below.

Applications submitted after December 25, 2022 will be reviewed against the regulation sin the document below.

NOTE: Applications are reviewed against the zoning and regulations in the IDO document that was in effect as of the date the application was accepted as complete.


IDO - Interactive Website

An interactive version of the IDO with pins that provide additional explanation and links to external resources are available here:

Zoning Maps

Zoning for each property is established by the City's Official Zoning Map, which is available via several online maps:

The Zone Atlas is available here. The Zone Atlas is updated annually, so be sure to check one of the online maps above for the latest zoning information.

IDO Maps

Additional maps that illustrate specific regulations in the IDO are available here:

How-to Resources

Zoning Enforcement Officer (ZEO)

In order to administer the Integrated Development Ordinance, the ZEO must provide guidance to staff and applicants from time to time as questions arise. Property owners and residents can also apply for a Declaratory Ruling about any zoning standard per IDO Subsection 14-16-6-4(S)(1).

Memoranda from the ZEO

Declaratory Rulings

Annual Update

The Integrated Development Ordinance is updated every year. This is an important opportunity to improve the outcomes of regulations for land use and development in your community.

This process includes three steps:

2022 Annual Update

Planning staff is beginning to review items to propose in the 2022 Annual Update. Planning staff has submitted proposed changes to the Environmental Planning Commission to be reviewed in December 2022.

2021 Annual Update

City Council adopted amendments to the IDO on June 6, 2022 via O-22-10.

These changes go into effect as follows:

  • Amendments other than those related to the replacement of the Development Review Board (DRB) go into effect July 28, 2022.
  • Amendments related to the replacement of the DRB go into effect December 25, 2022.

Planning staff has created Effective Drafts for each of the dates above and Archive Drafts showing the changes in colored text and with footnotes.

Planning staff submitted proposed changes for the the 2021 annual update to the City's review/decision process in October 2021.


IDO Legislative History

Applications accepted as complete while a particular IDO document was in effect are subject to the zoning and regulations in that IDO document.