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IDO Maps

These online maps are resources for regulations in the Integrated Development Ordinance (IDO) affecting particular geographies in the City of Albuquerque.

The Integrated Development Ordinance establishes zoning and development standards within the City of Albuquerque. These maps show where zoning and development standards apply in the city.

Zoning Maps

Zoning for each property is established by the City's Official Zoning Map, which is available via several online maps.

  • Advanced Map Viewer: Best for advanced users with multiple questions.
  • Interactive IDO Zoning Map: Easy map that answers multiple questions. Easy to see Center & Corridor areas and small areas with different zoning standards.
  • IDO Zoning Look-up: Easy map that shows just one layer of information. Best for beginner users just wanting to know zoning on a particular property or in a particular area.
  • Zone Atlas: PDFs of each page in the Zone Atlas Grid. Updated annually, so be sure to check one of the online maps above for the latest zoning information.


 Maps by IDO Part

The following maps allow you to research the IDO by each part.

Part 14-16-2 Zone Districts

Part 14-16-3 Overlay Zones

Part 14-16-4 Use Regulations

Part 14-16-5 Development Standards

Part 14-16-6 Administration & Enforcement

Topic Maps

These easy, interactive maps show just one layer of information. Best for beginner users with just one question.