Tijeras Creek Cultural Corridor Plan

Learn about a new interpretive plan Open Space and partners are developing to enhance the Tijeras Arroyo

About the Project

The City of Albuquerque Open Space Division and partners are preparing the Tijeras Creek Cultural Corridor Plan (Plan) that will cover a geographic area spanning portions of the Tijeras Creek watershed starting at the Singing Arrow Community Center and archaeological site heading east to include the Carnué Land Grant, Village of Tijeras, and Bernalillo County Open Space as shown on the following context maps.

A PNG of the TCCC Context Map: West.

A PNG of the TCCC Context Map: East.

The Plan will be a guiding document that will help the City and other jurisdictions identify cultural and biological themes, planning priorities, and natural resource and cultural management objectives for trail building, interpretive signage, and other planning and implementation requirements.

The current phase of the project includes public outreach and engagement to gather feedback from local community members and visitors to determine what information on the area’s rich cultural, historical, biological, and geologic information to be included in any future improvements.

Public Input Open House

An Open House was held to gather public input on the following project initiatives:

  • Open Space and Trail Maps
  • Interpretive Signage Detail Options
  • Branding and Logo Options
  • Interpretive Themes
  • Outline of Tijeras Creek Cultural Corridor Plan

A 20-30 minute presentation providing an introduction and context summary of the project was given at 11:00am and 12:30pm. Project representatives were available to answer questions and record public comments. Click here to view the presentation slides.

Mission Statement:
“Protect the living cultural landscape of the Tijeras Watershed for current and future generations by creating a sense of place through oral histories, landscape, and relationships between land, animals, water, and people.”

Goal Statements:
1. Improve access for all community members and visitors while ensuring conservation of wildlife, native plants, soil and water resources.

2. Include opportunities for cultural education and tie the area’s oral history to locations and landscapes through a variety of interpretive avenues including signage, trails, exhibits, brochures, and more in-depth online resources.
3. Foster stewardship and inspire younger generations to be good stewards of the local ecosystem to include land, plants, animals, cultural resources, and water.

4. Consider improvements that protect the land and water from both natural and man-made impacts.

5. Provide a sustainable trail network for low impact recreation opportunities.

6. Conserve the archeological and cultural resources in the watershed for education and research.
The Tijeras Arroyo Biological Zone Resource Management Plan is available here.
For more information during the planning phase of the project please contact Shawna Ballay with Consensus Planning at 505-764-9801.