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Paseo de la Mesa Trail

Information about Paseo de la Mesa Trail.

LOCATION: 81st Street up and west almost to Atrisco Vista Boulevard.
CONTACT: Emergencies call 911  To report suspicious activity or vehicle lock-ins, please call 242-COPS.

The Paseo de la Mesa Trail is recommended for advanced riders and hikers.

Take a ride or a stroll on the West Mesa trails network with 4.2 miles of paved trail uninterrupted by roadways. Trail passes by many and varied volcanic and geologic features. Great 360 degree view of the Jemez, Santa Fe, Sandia, Manzano, San Mateo, and Magdalena mountain ranges. Mount Taylor, the Ladron and Polvadera peaks, and Tomé Hill can all be picked out with the naked eye by knowledgeable trail-users.


  1. From intersection of Montano Road and Unser Boulevard NW, proceed north on Unser up through the escarpment-cut;
  2. At top of grade, look to left for big water tanks and prepare to turn;
  3. Turn west on Molten Rock;
  4. Turn south on 81st Street;
  5. Proceed south on 81st Street a short ways to trailhead entry and turn right/west into trailhead parking-lot;
  6. Follow directional signs from 81st and Molten Rock to lot.

Trail Map

View Paseo de la Mesa Trail map.

You may encounter many different kinds of users on the trails. Expect to meet other bicyclists, walkers, persons in wheelchairs, in-line skaters, and possibly equestrians. Be aware that maintenance vehicles may be on the trail. Always remember that courtesy and caution are a part of having an enjoyable and safe trail ride. Enjoy the ride.