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San Antonio Oxbow Bluffs

Learn about the San Antonio Oxbow Bluffs (aka Poole Property) adjacent to the West Side Bosque, one of the Open Space Division's newest acquisitions.

San Antonio Oxbow Bluffs

San Antonio Oxbow Bluffs (SAOB) is a 23-acre property located at 5001 Namaste RD NW. The property was purchased from the Poole family in Spring of 2021 by the City of Albuquerque’s Open Space Division (OSD) with assistance from the State of New Mexico. In fall 2021, the OSD provided several walking tours and community listening sessions to obtain feedback about how the community would like to utilize the property. The OSD will begin next phases in the planning process in the coming months.

Next steps for the property include obtaining aerial imagery in order to develop a potential plan for the site. Aerial imagery will help the OSD and design consultant to understand existing features and topography, aiding in the development of the schematic design.  A project website has been created and can provide more information and a timeline for next phases. Click on the link to view the project webpage

The OSD values input from the community and we encourage you to stay actively involved throughout the planning process.

TONIGHT! The final master plan concept and site access improvements guided by community feedback will be presented. Hear about next steps for and give feedback on the design of this Open Space property. Wednesday, November 16, 2022 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Open Space Visitor Center. Contact Adryana Vialpando at [email protected] for more information. 

Click on the following link to review the slide presentation and community feedback taken in the fall of 2021.

Review three design concepts and submit a survey to let us know what you like and what you don't about each of the concepts.

Concept 1: Light Touch (or download a pdf)

Map SAOB concept 1

Concept 2: Elaborated Vision (or download a pdf)

Map SAOB concept 2

Concept 3: Open Access (or download a pdf)

Map SAOB concept 3

Oxbow Marsh Restoration and Maintenance

The OSD is currently conducting restoration and maintenance projects in the Oxbow Marsh, located just below the SOAB. Projects include beaver dam mitigation, invasive species removal, and an endangered species survey. The OSD will coordinate quarterly volunteer stewardship events to engage the community in the restoration and management of this valuable habitat. These events will be posted on the Open Space City website when they are finalized.

The OSD is also working with the Bosque School and St. Pius X, who have graciously volunteered to perform general species inventories and help monitor the environmental quality of the Oxbow Marsh and surrounding area. These efforts are important to help inform science-backed management and preserve the quality of the oxbow for future generations. Additionally, The Native Plant Society is conducting bi-annual plant inventories. The OSD will continue to engage partners and the community in these efforts and additional citizen science projects.

To learn how to get involved with stewardship at the Oxbow Marsh, contact OSD Field Biologist Richard Faig at 505-768-4208 or [email protected]

A trail map of the San Antonio Oxbow, Oxbow Extension (Poole Property) and surrounding Bosque