Historic Preservation Assistance

The City supports historic preservation to protect historic structures, districts, sites, objects and designed landscapes from deterioration or destruction. Such significant places help define Albuquerque’s identity and should be used, learned from, and appreciated by current and future generations of Albuquerqueans and visitors.

The Planning Department distributes historic preservation guides and advises or refers Albuquerqueans to other information sources listed below. We make house calls and will meet with neighborhood groups interested in preservation. Phone us at 505-924-3860 or contact the other sources directly.

Our files include:

  • Historic building inventory forms for more than 15,000 local buildings
  • Technical guides on how to approach and accomplish proper preservation projects
  • Guidance on how to research a property’s history and, if possible, get it registered
  • Guidance and application forms for tax-advantaged historic building rehabilitation and archaeological site stabilization projects