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Open Space Lands

Information about Open Space lands in Albuquerque.

Albuquerque Open Space is mostly composed of lands acquired by the City of Albuquerque. Open Space also includes properties owned by other entities and co-managed by the Open Space Division.

Each piece of land contains a number of areas that provide the public with a variety of facilities and uses..

Listing of Open Space Lands

Boca Negra Canyon

Boca Negra Canyon provides easy access for visitors who want to view petroglyphs and other interesting geologic and cultural features up close.

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Open Space Farmlands

Farmland produces the food we eat, recharges our aquifer, provides habitat for wildlife, and presents us with beautiful living landscapes.

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On the horizon of the West Mesa stand the remnants of five cinder cone volcanoes.

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West Mesa Open Space

Much of the open space acquired around the volcanoes, on the mesa top, and along the volcanic escarpment was included within Petroglyph National Monument in 1990.

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